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BAWAG (German language: Bank für Arbeit und Wirtschaft) was a bank in Austria founded in 1922. On October 1, 2005, it merged with the separate Österreichische Postsparkasse (P.S.K.) to form the "Bank für Arbeit und Wirtschaft und Österreichische Postsparkasse AG", shortened as BAWAG P.S.K.. In October 2017, BAWAG Group AG.

An employee mentioned, "BAWAG P.S.K is an Austrian bank with poor culture and lack of international appeal. Everything is in German, systems, documentation, emails. Colleagues in Vienna are unfriendly and don’t like to be challenged at all. Traveling to Vienna is annoying. Poor benefits in the UK"


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Andy Lee says

"Their online bank system is literally a horror. I am finally changing it to Another bank after 5 years of use. Really inconvenient. I hate it!"

Peter Pinkasfeld says

"Warning: Bank Austria is part of Milan's UniCredit. Do not trust UniCredit or any organisation connected to it; I did. & they are making it so difficult ( it is unbelievable)to get it back, everyone including those who should police them said sue, they must know that the public is in no position to take on a bank. They lie even to their country's ombudsman. In 1970 I left money with what was a building society, just lately without even saying so they seem to have taken monthly bank charges. It is like a sadistic joke, also with the way they change the conditions for me to get back my money, even asking me to require another bank to break the European law of privacy, they must know they would not, but have done it twice. Their head office In Italy does not answer. etc, etc. I picketed their London branch, that day someone rated them good for the first time: effectively sabotaging Trustpilot, the only way of getting honest, information on the web. How can anyone who deals with them think them good? not want them closed down?"

Eric Molin says

"I have been a Bank Austria customer for 18 years, although you wouldnt know it by how they treat me. THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL BANK EVER. My representative? Useless. Online banking? Useless. Bank Austria was always a "retail" bank for people who didnt need much, but the service they provide? They act like though their lack of service, they are doing you some kind of favor. Stay away! Go to Raiffeisen, Bawag, or even N26."

Caroline Rose Germany says

"Worst customer service ever!! One cannot call from abroad as they don’t recognize the number & they have got no other method of authentification apparently- totally old-fashioned & unprofessional :( How come other companies such as Paypal/Airbnb etc. have no problem if you call from a different device?! Unbelievable how they treat long term customers- once I’ll be able to return to Austria after the crises I am going to shut my account, safe & cancel my credit card."

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